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Are you looking for a cheap but effective way to refinish your outdated bathroom or kitchen countertops?

Epoxy resin is a great option for restoring old, dated kitchen and bathroom countertops –

Unlike Laminate, Granite, or Corian, Epoxy Countertops are not something you can buy off the rack from a home improvement store, Hence, every installation is totally unique.

Colors And Patterns

Another great feature of this substance is that it comes in a wide variety of colors and tints.

By mixing plain resin and hardener, you will get a clear, glossy finish. This type of epoxy is perfect for sealing or restoring wood countertops and cement. Or for use over patterned contact paper, painted counters, or other surfaces you want to be seen.

You can also add white or colored pigments to create opaque epoxy to hide blemished and worn countertops.

Pouring one color of epoxy in a pattern on top of a different colored base will give you a unique piece of art. You can even use this method to recreate the look of granite or marble.

Because resins come in hundreds of colors, and different finishing techniques allow for different sheens and textures, there is no limit to what epoxy countertops can look like.

Advantages Of An Epoxy Resin Countertops


Durable And Long Lasting

Epoxy resin is durable.

Once cured, it has a strength of over 10,000 psi, meaning it can withstand 10,000 pounds of pressure concentrated on a single square inch.

So don’t worry about dropping your cast iron frying pan or favorite soup pot on this surface. It will be just fine.



One of the biggest downfalls of laminate and even expensive granite and marble is that, with a big enough counter, you will get seam lines.

Not only do these seams disrupt the pattern of the counter, but they provide an annoying crack for food and debris to hide in.

Because epoxy goes on as a liquid, there are no seam lines. So no matter how huge your counter, you end up with a single continuous piece from one end to the other.


Infinite Design Options

The simplest way to use epoxy resin is as a clear, gloss finish. But that is not by any means the only way to use it.

Color resins provide an opaque finish to match any kitchen aesthetic. You can even mix colors together during the application process to create art or imitate natural finishes.

Adding glitter or metallic resin adds yet another design option.

All of these options mean epoxy resin provides the widest array of design choices of all counter material types.




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