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Knockdown Texture Pool  Deck 
Superior Acrylic Cement Coating

Outdoor concrete surfaces need tender, loving care and maintenance because they are exposed to more harmful elements and because it can be seen by almost anyone who passes by. A curb appeal is often compromised when the outdoor space is not well-maintained. Fortunately, there is a concrete resurfacing method that can upgrade the look and function of almost any outdoor surface, be it a pool deck, cool decking , patio, or even driveways. Knockdown Texture or acrylic cement coating is a product that looks like an orange peel and is designed to cover up old and ugly concrete floors for better aesthetics and usage quality.


This is one of our most economical decorative coating systems. By adding a Spray Texture to your existing concrete we can dramatically change the look and feel of your pool deck, patio, driveway or nearly any other area. Spray Texture works well both inside and outside.


Knock Down (Cool Deck)

A single-color sealed surface that resembles the texture of stucco. We can vary the texture to achieve the look you want. Knock Down is slip resistant, making it one of the more popular choices for pool decks and copings. When installed with a light color it helps keep the deck area cool to the touch. We finish our Knock Down with a solid pigmented concrete sealer that is easily maintained and can withstand pressure washing.


Two-Tone Knock Down

This is a variation of our standard Knock Down. We choose a single color as a base coat then apply a Knock Down texture of a second color. With two colors we can provide a darker look to the deck while retaining the cooling features of the Knock Down finish. Typically, we recommend drawing colors from the surrounding elements to complement the Two-Tone Knock Down.

As with all decorative concrete finishes, proper preparation of the existing concrete is critical. We are meticulous about preparation - grinding, polishing and cleaning the concrete before applying our finish. This is not "extra work", it is the key to a beautiful finish that will last many, many years.

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  • Reduces pool deck surface temperature up to 38%.

  • Unique Heat-Sink™ Technology eective on all concrete surfaces AND over other surface coating products.

  • Works on new or aged concrete as well as knockdown nishes like “Kool-Deck”.

  • Leaves durable, comfortable slip-resistant nish that’s easy to clean and maintain.

  • Limitless Color Options!

  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: The best warranty of any pool deck coating on the market.

  • Easy to clean


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